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 What is callus?

Callus is an area of thickened, hard skin that may appear yellowish in colour. It can occur in a number of places on the foot, commonly on the heel area.

What causes callus?

There are a number of causes for callus to form, these include; excessive pressure over bony areas, poorly-fitting shoes and excessive walking or running. However, some people have a naturally excessive production of callus for no obvious reason.

What should I do if I have callus?

If you have callus formation then you should arrange an appointment with us.


Podiatry treatment for callus

Callus can easily be reduced in a treatment session by your podiatrist using a scalpel blade. This pain-free treatment aims to reduce pain or discomfort, restore normal appearance and improve skin function.


Callus is a symptom of underlying problems so self-treatment should only be attempted once a diagnosis of the underlying condition and advice on how to best manage it, is gained from a podiatrist.

Over the counter callus remedies treat the callus but do not treat the cause.

Podiatric management of callus at our Podiatry clinic includes:

  • A thorough assessment to determine the cause of the callus
  • Implementation of a management / treatment plan
  • The management plan could consist of:
  • Maintenance appointments to keep the callus reduced
  • Use of padding to prevent the pressure
  • Footwear fitting advice
  • Provision of foot orthotics or supports to relieve the pressure under the foot.
  • It is especially important that those with diabetes or poor circulation see a podiatrist for the management of callus.

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