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    Our aim is to provide every patient with the best possible service and treatment. To meet the needs of our clients and to exceed expectations we provide high quality services including the following:

  • The foot is the foundation of the body. Therefore, the way that our feet function can affect the whole body. Poor function of your feet can cause lower back pain, knee, ankle or foot pain.

    Some of the most common complaints caused by poor foot posture are:

  • What is verruca?

    Verrucas are warts that appear on the feet. They are the same as warts on any other part of the body.

  •  What is an ingrown toenail?

  • What are discoloured nails?

    Discoloured nails are nails that appear differently due to a change in colour. Discolouration may affect either the entire nail plate or just part of the nail.

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