Back pain

Back pain

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What is lower back pain?

Lower back pain is sensation of a pain or ache in the back. Back pain may arise during sports, walking, standing or even at rest. Back pain is very common and can affect anyone at any age.

What are the causes of lower back pain?

Podiatrists treat back pain that is caused by abnormalities in foot posture. An altered foot posture and, therefore, altered walking pattern can cause strain on certain structures within the back. This can lead to pain. There are lots of other causes of back pain, many of which are traumatic or postural. For these types of problems a physiotherapist is the best person to treat your injury.



What should I do if I have lower back pain?

Foot posture is often overlooked as a cause of back pain. Many clients with back pain are referred to our podiatrists following an assessment with a Physiotherapist. If you suspect that you have a back problem that is caused by the posture of your foot during standing, walking or running you should arrange a podiatry appointment as soon as possible to allow you to continue with your normal everyday life without pain.

What shouldn't I do if I have lower back pain?

If you have lower back pain you should not ignore the problem as you could be causing damage to your back.

Could there be any long term effects of lower back pain?

If your foot posture is causing your back pain then it is unlikely to get better without treatment.

Podiatry treatment for lower back pain

Following an initial assessment and gait analysis, orthotics (shoe insoles) can be provided to give support under the arch of the foot and realign the foot into a more central position with the ground. A heel raise may be required if you have a leg length difference. If the feet are functioning inefficiently, it is possible that the legs and lower back are functioning poorly also. This may be improved by wearing orthotics. An improvement in foot posture helps to reduce stress on the lower back. Our podiatrists can also advise on your training regime and footwear

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